International Schools

Karlsruhe is fortunate to have a range of international education opportunities including:

The European School of Karlsruhe which teaches in English, French or German from Kindergarten and leads up to examinations for the European Baccalaureate.

You can link to the helpful website of the ESK Parents Association here.

A little further afield you can find the Heidelberg International School and International School of Stuttgart as well as the bi-lingual German-English Swiss International School near Stuttgart.


Local German Schools

If you wish to educate your children in German there are a number of excellent state schools. Click here for an overview of the German educational system. For a complete listing of schools in Karlsruhe check here. Notably the Waldorf School is well regarded as are the many fine High Schools (Gymnasium).

This is not always an easy route, especially if the parents don't speak German. Anecdotally, it takes about 4 months or more for the children to begin to assimilate — and these can be rough. The prize is learning the language and culture as good as a native speaker.

Courses to bring the kids up to speed are offered by some schools — they are called VKL (Vorbereitungsklassen) (Preparation classes) and concentrate mostly on language learning for non-native speakers.


Pre-Kindergarten (Kita)

Pre-Kindergarten places (for children younger than three) are few and far between. As of August 2013, the state guarantees a spot for one to three year olds, but it may not be at your first choice and not necessarily close to your work or home.