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There's an overwhelming agreement throughout the international community that Karlsruhe is a great place to live. Here's a few of our top reasons.....

Climate - one of the sunniest places in Germany – and one of the warmest – but don’t be deceived, it’s can get very cold in the winter!

Safety - as Karlsruhe is home to two of the highest Federal Courts in Germany, there is a strong police presence in the city. Coupled with high employment rates it is a safe place to live.

Outdoor life – the city was famously designed in a fan shape (hence the nick name Fächerstadt or Fan City). The Schloss is at the center, from which 32 streets radiate outwards into the heart of the town or up into the forest and park where bike trails make commuting and leisure very easy.

Transportation – the city is well served by public transportation - trams and trains are efficient, clean and on time.

There’s a great mix of arts, culture and technology in the city. Academic Centers of Excellence in music, art, design, media, and technology provide a vibrant backdrop to life in and around Karlsruhe. There's always something happening.

Location, location, location! In the heart of western Europe, on the crossroads between Germany, France and Switzerland – Karlsruhe offers easy access to mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, vineyards and castles, skiing, watersports, walking, hiking, riding, biking – an endless range of activities and opportunities to enjoy yourself!