The weather in this area tends to be hot and humid. Here are some ideas to cool off:

  • close your shutters — During the hottest time of the day it is best to have the rolling shutters and windows closed and even the curtains drawn to avoid your house/apartment from overheating. In the mornings or late evenings when it is cool, open up the windows to let the cool air in.
  • drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages — even though cold drinks seem to refresh, room temperature beverages won't stress your body as much
  • keep your feet cool — stick your feet in cool water and feel refreshed.
  • wear loose clothing


The many indoor (Hallenbad) and outdoor (Freibad) pools are a welcome relief in the summer. Here is a list. An admission fee is charged.

In addtion, swimming is allowed in many quarry lakes (Baggerseen) in the region.  Here is a list of all the lakes in the region — many do not allow swimming so be warned — it can be dangerous. Some lakes charge a parking fee, especially on weekends and during the summer holidays. Family friendly lakes have a WC and Kiosk; very few have changing rooms (Umkleide) — most people just change on the beach.

Warning! Some sections of lakefronts are FKK (Freikörperkultur) which means lots of naked bodies. There is nothing sexual in this — it is a just a feeling of being one with nature. Please do not gawk. If you feel uncomfortable, just go to another section of the lake.

Ice Cream

Germans are world champions as far as ice cream consumption. Most of the ice cream sold is Italian-style — settle for one scoop in a cone or try one of the lovely ice cream sundae creations complete with fresh fruit and a sparkler.


Pack a picnic, hop on a bicycle and head to an outdoor space — try the Schlossgarten or the Günther-Klotz-Anlage. Plan ahead, stores are not open on Sundays!

If you do picnic, please take your trash with you!

If you want to have a barbeque, bring a portable grill or use one of the "Grillplätze" - a listing in German is available here.

Festivals and Fest

The current festivals will be listed in What's Up. For a listing of annual festivals, click here.

CAUTION ZECKEN! TICKS! Ticks are a normal part of spring and summer in this area and you need to be aware that they can carry either the virus tick-borne encephalitis (“Frühsommer-Meningoenzephalitis” - “FSME” in German) or the bacteria Borreliosis.  There is a vaccination which is administered in three injections over time — consult your doctor and look at a reputable website like the CDC or similar. Not all ticks carry diseases, but if you one bites you, be sure to carefully observe the area and see your doctor.