For current events in and around Karlsuhe, look in the What's Up section.

Music & Performance in Karlsruhe


The main locations are listed below. It is advisable to purchase tickets ahead of time, although you can always try the evening of the performance.

Many have reductions for students and the unemployed — including last-minute tickets. You must show ID to qualify.


Badisches Staatstheater — symphony, opera and ballet

Tollhaus —  contemporary music and performance art

Substage — from Rock to Hardcore/Punk or Blues/In­die/­Pop/­Folk

Jubez — cultural center for kids, youth and adults. Often live musical performances.

Hochschule für Music (University of Music) at Schloss Gottesaue — concerts (mostly classical) by students and teachers

Kulturzentrum Tempel — Music, dance and art.

In addition, keep an eye out for concerts in other locations or music festivals.

Churches — look for signs for choir and orchestral concerts in the beautiful churches in Karlsruhe - especially around Easter and Christmas

Bars, Cafes and Restaurants — many have live music, some charge an additional fee. Check out the free weekly newspapers or monthly magazines for the latest listitngs — all genres represented.


If you would like to learn to play a musical instrument or sing in a group or choir, look under Continuing Education for more info.