For current events in and around Karlsuhe, look in the What's Up section.

Festivals and Fests


There's always an opportunity to eat, drink and make merry in Karlsruhe.

Here are some of the top events in town:


Art Karlsruhe in March - Classic and Modern Contemporary Art Market;


Das Fest in July- the free annual music festival;

Africanmarket & Festval in July or August - culture, music & food;

Zeltival - in July and August world music festival in Karlsruhe's top contemporary music and arts venue;

Peter and Paul Festival in Bretten - absolutely unbelievable - the entire town dresses up and takes part in this 3 day Medieval celebration.

KAMUNA in August - Karlsruhe's Museum Night - all the cultural institutions are open until midnight and the town is transformed;


Wine Harvest (Weinfest) — small villages host numerous events. Keep your eyes open for local promotional posters;

Kirchweih or Kerwe — used to be a religious harvest festival, but has become more of a folksfest with the usual food, drink and amusement park rides

Oktoberfest — Germany's most popular export is celebrated mostly in southern Germany, the largest being in Munich, and the second largest near Stuttgart. Contrary to the name,  Octoberfest often begins in September and runs through the first weekend in October (in Munich) and later in Stuttgart.


Christmas Markets — in November and December they set up and run throughout the Holidays;

Fasching - Germany's Carnival - signals the end of winter and occurs just before Lent. It's a wild time. Don't miss Karlsruhe's own big parade. Expect lots of costumes and beer drinking!