Stay calm and let the professionals help you!

It’s an emergency - Es ist ein NOTFALL!


In case of an EMERGENCY, call 112.

This is an EU-wide emergency number. It is free and you do not need an area code. It can be dialed from land lines and mobile phones, however the mobile phone must have a SIM card. The operator will be able to detect your location within 70 seconds.

In Germany, the operator will be able to reply in German or English as well as other EU languages with the help of an interpreter.

The following is important for the operator to know (Taken from www.112.eu):

1. Who is calling?

Speak slowly, loudly and clearly.

2. Where did it happen?

The exact name of the location (place, street, house number etc.) prevents unnecessary searching and enables the fastest possible arrival of rescue service, fire brigade and police.

3. What happened?

Name the occurrence:







4. What is the situation like?

Briefly describe the emergency. From that, the emergency control centre can assess the need for further action.

5. Wait for additional questions.

Do not hang up. The emergency control centre may want to ask about further details.


In the case of a medical emergency, if time is a critical factor, drive to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. If possible, call the hospital ahead of time to inform then of the type of injury/problem involved. Emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day. A list of local hospitals if available to download here.


Poison Center in Berlin (Day and Night): 030 19 240

The following information is important to provide in case of poisoning: age and weight, what was taken and when, how was it taken (eat, drink, breathe), symptoms.


Off-hours health care and pharmacies

If you are feeling ill off-hours or during the weekend and can't wait until the doctor/dentist has normal business hours, please see the section Doctors. Information about off-hours medical care is available to download to the right.