Checklist for Moving




We are sorry you will be leaving but hope you had an enjoyable and successful stay in the Karlsruhe region. It is advisable to start thinking about all you need to get done at least 3 months in advance of departure.

As with arriving, there are things you just need to do! Many will depend on your new location. If you are moving within Germany, many services can simply be transferred. If you are moving outside of Germany, you will need to cancel many services and this should be done in writing.

Pretty much anything you subscribed to or joined needs to now be cancelled. If you need to break a fixed term contract, read over your contract to see if there is a clause allowing you to do so under special circumstances, just as international relocation. Mention this specifically in your letter to terminate service.

When terminating a contract, be sure to include the following when applicable:  your name, the date, your old and new address, account number, the reason for termination, the date for termination as well as a bank account number in case you will be getting a refund. Remember to sign the letter! In many cases it is recommended to send this letter per registered mail (Einschreiben) so that you have proof that the company received the termination.

The side bars will guide you through the process. On the right is a checklist to download.


If all this seems overwhelming, consider Relocation Services Move-In to help you with your relocation needs.