EU citizens do not need a work permit.

Non-EU citizens need a residence title in order to legally work — the procedure and ease will depend on your current country of residence/origin and your education/experience/profession. Some professions, especially technical ones, are highly sought after and, therefore, the government is willing to speed up the bureaucratic process. To make it even more attractive, under certain circumstances, your spouse/partner will also automatically be granted a work permit.

Blue Card - The EU Blue Card is meant to attract highly educated persons into the EU. If you have a binding job offer or valid work contract within the EU, you can apply for a Blue Card.

You may need to have your professional qualifications officially recognized - an excellent source to find out how can be found here.

In most cases, if you have a higher professional degree (Masters, Doctorate etc.), you may use it without problems as long as the issuing institution is accredited. In some cases, the issuing institution must also be mentioned, for example:  If you, John Smith, have a Doctor of Philosophy from the Victoria University of Wellington, you would write John Smith, Ph.D. /Victoria University of Wellington.  You may use the degree without stating the issuing university if the institution is within the EU — there are other exceptions as well. Education is under the control of the individual states, therefore the procedures are different from state to state and if you move be sure to find out what they are.