Helpful Links


Make-it-in-Germany is an excellent website collaboration of three government agencies taking you step by step through the procedure of applying for a visa and finding a job.


The Federal Employment Agency has job listings for all of Germany (be sure to change the language to English at the top of the page).

They also provide general information about working in Germany (click on For job seekers).


A site aimed at the younger generation is


The European Job Mobility Portal has job listings for all of Europe.


For those working at KIT, the Dual Career Service may be of interest if a spouse or partner is moving with you and would also like to work in their field of interest. They cannot find you a job, but are helpful with contacts.

If you or your family are having difficulties adjusting to your new situation - either returning from a stay overseas or as an expat in Germany - consider help from a business coach (Coaching for mobile families). The site is in German, but the coach lived and worked overseas and can communicate in English.