WC or Toilets


Few things are free, including a stop at the WC.

In department stores, malls and even some restaurants, there is normally a small bowl at the entrance for a voluntary contribution. Sometimes there are signs stating how much this contribution should be. The workers in these areas are often underpaid and rely on these contributions. However, if some level of cleanliness is not present, do not feel obligated to pay.

At some rest stops on the Autobahn, there are fixed amounts to pay (70 cents) and you go through a turnstile and get a ticket. This ticket (50 cents of it) can then be used to purchase goods at the rest stop.

Fully automated toilet houses are available in the inner city. Pay the fare and then can go in and use the facility. Once you exit, it is automatically fully cleaned ready for the next user.

There are usually separate toilets for men and women.  You can see which is which by the appropriate pictograms or letters on the doors (H for ‘Herren’ (men), D for ‘Damen’ (women)). If there are joint facilities for men and women – for example, on trains or airplanes – these are normally marked WC.