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Driver's License



Driving in Germany is a great experience. The roads are well maintained although the lack of lights on the motorways (Autobahn) can be a little disconcerting at first. Contrary to popular belief, there are speed limits in Germany, even on the Autobahn. Be aware of the signs — fines can be significant or you may lose your license (even if it's not from Germany)!

Driver's License

EU license holders can continue to drive on their home country driver's license (Führerschein) until it expires. Prior to expiration it would be wise to exchange it for a German one, especially if you will be here for a while.

Non-EU license holders will need to check on their specific requirements. Regulations vary between nations but generally you can only drive in Germany with a non-EU license for six months. It may be possible to get a six month extension to your existing license if you are can prove you will not be in Germany longer than one year.

Getting a license is not straightforward. Depending upon your home country (and state) license, you may need to take a written test as well as a first aid course and, naturally, a practical exam. The good news is that its possible to take the written test in your mother tongue.



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