Car Rental

Most international car rental companies are represented in Karlsruhe. The automobile clubs and travel agencies may also be able to help. In general, you need a valid drivers license (at least one year), a legal form of ID,  a credit card and you must be 21 years of age or older. Some companies won't allow rental for under 25s


Car Sharing

If you don't drive a lot and live in the city, car sharing may be a good option for you. These are short-term car rentals by the hour, day or week — depending on your needs. Costs are based on the time booked and distance driven. Insurance and fuel costs are included in the price. You must have a valid drivers license and German residency — there are often initial costs to join the program and a monthly fee. The biggest agency in Karlsruhe is stadtmobil - info in English is available here.