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Bicycles are used come rain, sunshine or snow. From kindergarteners to grandmothers — all share the road to get to school, go grocery shopping or enjoy the scenery.

Most of the rules of the road are common sense but you might find some useful tips here. As with any form or transportation, be aware of other vehicles and drive safely.

Karlsruhe is especially bike friendly because it is flat! There are special bike paths and bike streets (Fahrradstrasse) within Karlsruhe.

To find a bike route either within Karlsruhe or for a longer trek within Baden-Württemberg try here — just type in your start and destination addresses and the route calculated will be predominantly along bicycle paths.

School children in Germany take a bicycling proficiency test around age 9 or 10 and are trained for this as part of their school syllabus.

Children up to the age of ten should travel on the sidewalks. A parent may also travel on the sidewalk - but only when accompanying a child.

If there is a bike path, adults must use it rather than the street.

On bike paths, you should travel in the direction of traffic.

There's a very useful website called which has a lot of information about self-guided bike tours through Germany. Take a look when you want to venture further afield.

While there is no law about wearing a helmet (for both children and adults), it is highly recommended to do so, especially children.

Short-term Bike Rental

If you just need to quickly get from here to there within the city, it is possible to rent a bike. The system is called kvv.nextbike. The website is here - in English. You need to register, but once you have done so, you can rent bikes using the App. Both regular and e-bikes are available.