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The general rule when tipping has evolved to "You should, but you don't have to." VAT and service charges are already included in your bill, but if you are pleased with the service, please tip and round up!

… in restaurants — there are no strict rules, but 5-10 % of the bill "rounded up" to some more-or-less round figure is common. For example, if the bill comes to €56,30, you could give the server  €60,00 and say  "stimmt so" to indicate you do not want any change. This is a tip of 6.5%. Or you could give the server €60,00 and say €58,00, in which case they will give you €2 back after saying thank you ("Danke"). This would be a 3% tip. Do not leave the tip on the table — it is given directly to the server when you pay the bill. If you are paying by credit card, inform the server of the total amount in advance of the card process — you can also pay the tip as cash.

... taxi drivers — if you find the service satisfactory, round up to the nearest euro or for longer trips 5-10% of the fare.

… workmen and service people do not normally get a tip, however if you have workmen or movers in your apartment/house for a longer period of time, it is common to offer them beverages such as water or coffee, or even sandwiches or Brezel (soft pretzels commonly found in bakeries in this region).

... hairdresser — there is often a tip box at the reception desk — if you are pleased with the service,  leave €1 - €5.

... tour guides or museum guides get a tip — usually €1 or €2 given directly to the guide at the end of the tour.