Hiking is plentiful in and around Karlsruhe — the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) to the south, the Vogesen to the west in France or in the Palatinate (Pfalz) to the north. Many areas are accessible by public transportation so you aren't limited to circular routes — but you do need to plan ahead.

One of those "great German things" is that often at summits or in picturesque locations along streams, there is a restaurant or beer garden run either professionally or on weekends by hiking clubs or Naturfreundehaus. A great way to combine fresh air, exercise and good food.

In-Line Skating

In-line skaters can use any bike or footpath, of which there are many in the area. Please wear elbow and knee protection.


Jogging is a great way to get to know your new neighborhood. If you prefer jogging in greener spaces, try the Schlossgarten, Hardtwald, Oberwald, or Günther-Klotz-Anlage.

Here is a site which lists suggestions for jogging routes in the area.

Ask around at work — sometimes groups form to jog together during the lunch break or after work.


Cross-country skiing — the closest region to Karlsruhe is the Dobel area in Bad Herrenalb.

Downhill skiing — a listing of the skilifts in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is provided in English here.


Karlsruhe Cougars -— play in the Bundesliga or just for fun
Erzbergerstr. 131
76149 Karlsruhe (Nordstadt)


There are many indoor (Hallenbad) and outdoor (Freibad) pools in the area. Here is a list. An admission fee is charged.

If you are interested in going often, it makes sense to buy a seaon ticket — €84 for adults, €56 for those under 18 or €190 for families (Summer 2019). This pass is valid from May to the end of September at the following pools:   Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört, Sonnenbad, Freibad Rüppurr and Turmbergbad.

In addtion, there are many quarry lakes (Baggerseen) in the region where swimming is allowed.  Here is a list of all the lakes in the region — many do not allow swimming so be warned (Baden verboten) — it can be dangerous. Some lakes charge a parking fee, especially on weekends and during the summer holidays. Family friendly lakes have a WC and Kiosk; very few have changing rooms (Umkleide) — most people just change on the beach.