Germans are great sports enthusiasts, either as individuals, in sport clubs, at fitness studios (gyms) or as "couch potatoes."

Sports are a great way to meet people, especially if your favorite sport is a team sport. There is something for everyone in the Karlsruhe area.

Some things you might like to know:

Vereine — are German clubs. There is a club for just about everything from hikers to birdwatchers to football to stamp collecting. It is the easiest way to be a part of a group. In many types of sports, the clubs provide the foundation for professional sports, for example the KSC (Karlsruhe Sport Club) is the professional football club in Karlsruhe, but they also have boxing and track and field etc, There are over 91,000 (!!!) sport clubs in Germany.

To find a sport club in your neighborhood serving the type of sport you like most, try here. The site will find the clubs in your neighborhood which have your sport as part of their program.

It is best to get in touch with the head of the group you are interested in joining. He/She will then let you know when training sessions and/or games take place.

It is often possible to go to 2 or 3 free training sessions with the sport group of interest at the sports club to decide if it is a good match. After that you need to become a member.

To join a sports club, you must apply. In most cases, this should be straightforward — fill out a form, pay the yearly dues, and you're in! The yearly dues are most often automatically deducted from your bank account once or twice a year, If you no longer wish to be in the club, you must let them know in writing. Usually the contracts run in calendar years.

You may need to pay an additional fee to take part in certain sports, such as pilates, tennis or golf —  each Verein is different.

The organizers and trainers of the clubs are often volunteers, which helps keep the costs down. You may be asked to bake a cake or help out at a fundraiser, but this is not obligatory.


Gyms (Fitness Studio) — There are any number of  fitness centers or studios  in Karlsruhe to choose from. Be aware that many will try to sell you a contract for a minimum of one or two years. If you won't be here that long, shop around and you may find a place where you can pay  per month. If you have a contract, the fee will be automatically deducted from your bank account, usually once a month.  Make sure you are aware of the renewal policies — sometimes if you do not cancel your contract before it expires, it will automatically be renewed for one year, and you will be liable for payment.  Before you sign anything, read over it carefully!


Yoga Centers, Dance Studios etc.

Yoga has become extremely popular in Germany in the last few years. Similarly, dancing from ballroom to samba can be learned. Sometimes courses are offered in Vereine, or in private studios. For the best tips, ask a work mate, neighbor or friend.