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Download useful information about medical care in Karlsruhe outside of normal business hours.



Once you have arranged your personal health insurance (private or public) you can visit a doctor.


Doctors Visit

You can choose whichever doctor you like. Ask around or check in the Yellow Pages or Internet.

Your first stop is to your family doctor (internist or general practitioner). This primary care physician can also be your OB/GYN or Urologist.  If necessary, he/she will  refer you to a specialist or in extreme cases to the hospital.

Make an appointment by telephone. If it is urgent, say so when calling. In acute cases, the practice cannot refuse you.

Be sure to bring your insurance card with you!

Opening Times

Opening times vary from practice to practice. Most practices have a break of a few hours in the middle of the day. Most medical practices are closed on Wednesday afternoons.

What to do outside of regular opening hours?

If you have a medical emergency, call 112 and ask for an ambulance (Krankenwagen) and paramedic (Notarzt). If time is a critical factor, drive to the emergency room. If possible, call the hospital ahead of time to inform then of the type of injury/problem involved.

If you need medical attention over the weekend, during holidays or at night and don't think you can wait until Monday to see your regular doctor, there are medical emergency and on-call services (Bereitschaftspraxen) available. Your doctor may provide this information on the answering machine when you call there off-hours or a  general telephone number is:  116 117. This number is good in all of Germany. Call and you will be informed of the location of the nearest doctor, dentist, Ob/Gyn or Pediatrician who is on-call.

Off-hours service for Karlsruhe:

Städtisches Klinikum

Service available:

Mo, Tu, Th from 7 to 10 p.m.
Wed from 1 to 10 p.m.
Fri from 4 to 10 p.m.
Weekends and holidays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Moltke Str. 90 (next to the Emergency Area)

Kinder-Notfallpraxis (Off-hours service for Children)

entry through the Klink für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin - signs will point you in the right direction

Knielinger Allee 101

Service available:
Mo, Tu, Th, F  from 7 pm until 10 pm
Wed from 1 pm to 10 pm
Weekends and Holidays: 8 am to 10 pm

Outside of these times, go to the Kinder-Notaufnahme (Children's Emergency) in the Zentrum für Kinder und Frauen in the Städti­sches Klinikum for medical emergencies concerning children.


Most of your hospital bills will be covered by your insurance, whether public or private, but you may have to top it up.

Make a point of understanding your insurance coverage as it can save a lot of anxiety. Many of the larger health insurance companies have English language documentation and employees with English language skills.

See Insurance - Health for more detailed information on the differences between public and private health insurance in Germany.