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To receive mail in Germany, there are two important factors to consider: 1. Your surname must be on the letter or package sent and 2. the surnames of everyone living with you must be on the mailbox - this is especially true if you live in an apartment building where everyone has the same address.

Deutsche Post offers a full service bank as well as mail delivery. Be aware, however, that Deutsche Post is not the only mail carrier and that your post may arrive by different carriers at different times of day.

Mail from the Deutsche Post is delivered once a day Monday through Saturday. If it won't fit in your mailbox, the mail carrier will ring your doorbell and may leave the object with a neighbor. Packages are delivered separately and if you are not home, you may need to pick up the package at the nearest post office on the following day — the mail carrier will leave a postcard in your mailbox. You must bring an official form of identification and the postcard to the post office to pick up the package — and this name must be the same as on the package. If you are picking up the package for someone else (e.g. spouse with a different surname), be sure that person signs the postcard giving their permission for you to do so.

There’s a great website in German which explains all you need to know and allows you to track your packages and registered letters here.

Be warned – many smaller post offices will not offer international express postage and you may have to go to the main post office to send express letters abroad.

Karlsruhe's main post office is at Post Gallerie (Europaplatz) in the center of town —  full service including photocopiers and packaging materials — and open until 8 pm M-F and 4 pm on Saturday!

You can find Post Gallerie — Europaplatz here.