The American Library in Karlsruhe is a haven with over 30,000 English language books, magazines and DVDs for all ages and a nice playground just outside. It is part of the city library system so you'll need a library card to check out books — bring some ID (eAT or ID card) and your town registration papers (something with your current address) to register. This card will allow you to check out books in all the branches of the city library system. The library also offers programs for kids and adults on a regular basis, with the occasional lecture or musical event and a Book&Bake Sale twice a year.

You can find it here in the Nordweststadt.

You'll also find that the Stadtbibliothek in central Karlsruhe has a large collection of English language paperback books, as well as books and other media to help you learn German (and many other languages).

Most bookshops have foreign language sections and most will be able to order books for you — often available for pick-up the following day.

German books are subject to fixed book price agreements which means that books are the same price everywhere. Foreign books are not subject to these agreements, so shop around for the best prices.