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Ticks (Zecken) are part of life in and around Karlsruhe in spring and summer. Outdoor life is so pleasant and so much part of daily life here, so it's quite easy to pick up a tick while biking, walking or playing outdoors.

Ticks are an arachnid that can transmit diseases to humans and domestic pets. The longer an infected tick feeds, the greater the chance of infection.

You should check yourself, your children and pets for ticks on a regular basis. They most commonly attach themselves under the arms, around the ears, inside the belly button, the back of the knees, under the arms, around the hair line and the groin area.

Should you discover a tick, seek medical advice as incorrect removal may lead to further complications.

Vaccinations against infection from ticks are considered part of life here and you should be prepared for your doctor to offer you a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.  Do your research in advance and decide if you want to have vaccinations. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has good information.