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Relocation Service move-in is a full service relocation company offering pre-move and on-the-ground support to individuals and corporations. Working directly with you, or with your Human Resources department, we provide property search, advice and logistical support with the forms and formalities of life in Karlsruhe. After more than ten years of bespoke relocation provision, we have the ability and experience to make your move a success.

Moving can be a stressful and worrying time and, because not all Karlsruhe's mobile population receives relocation support benefits, we are especially pleased to be part of the expat-karlsruhe information portal. This free service is designed to help you find the solutions to your questions and concerns, both as newcomers and as established residents. Relocation Service move-in is a founder-partner of expat-karlsruhe and we welcome this opportunity to share our knowledge and unbiased advice.

If you have further questions about moving in to Karlsruhe or if you would like a quote for a specific job or general relocation package, please contact Relocation Service move-in.