All you ever wanted to know about Rundfunkbeitrag








Every household is required to register and pay a user fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) regardless if you have zero or ten devices which can receive radio or TV signals (radio, TV, computer). Heavy penalties for not paying apply. Applications to register can be picked up at the Post Office and at some banks or on-line. Payment is made by bank transfer or you can sign up for payment by direct debit (Lastschriftverfahren). In most cases, this fee will be €17.98 a month.

There are very few exemptions from this fee.

The fees finance public television broadcasting provided by ARD, ZDF and Third Programs.

Cable subscription rates are in addition to the Rundfunkbeitrag fee; satellite viewers must pay Rundfunkbeitrag as well.

It is important that, if you leave Germany, you remember to cancel your Rundfunkbeitrag.

Information in English is available as a pdf to the right as well as here. Most of your questions should be answered here.


If all this seems a bit overwhelming you can contact Relocation Service move-in for assistance on a job-by-job basis.